Weekend Reminiscence Co-ordinator – 12hrs per week

We are looking for a Weekend Reminiscence Co-ordinator to join the team at Lakeview Care Home, working 12hrs per week – Saturday and Sunday.

£7.85 per hour

Reminiscence co-ordinators (RC’s) deliver and facilitate purposeful activities that provide emotional and mental stimulation to our residents in order to improve their wellbeing and quality of life
• To develop and complete life history profiles that shape activities to the needs of the individual.
• To facilitate and plan for each resident reminiscence activities that are meaningful and relevant.
• Direct, facilitate and guide the care team in the delivery of activities
• To develop individual care plans that reflect and promote resident choice.
• To work with RC’s from other services to establish an active and engaging programme of events across the calendar year
• Promote the understanding of Reminiscence and its positive impact on Dementia care
• Liaise directly with residents, families and carers to build relationships and understand residents’ needs.
• Facilitate the completion of Life History profiles for each resident
• Plan and facilitate work with resident, relatives and carers to produce a relevant and meaningful Memory Box for each resident.
• Ensure that all media in use eg TV, radio, music is relevant and meaningful to the residents and their environment
• Ensure that entertainment in communal areas (TV/Radio/games) are appropriate to the client group, and freely available to residents.

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